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As a first generation woman in America born to two wonderful Italian and Irish parents. I felt so fortunate to be raised in NYC. I spent countless afternoons visiting galleries and museums. Having attended The High School of Art and Design in NYC, I studied and created in all art mediums. I painted backdrops for T.V. and theatre. I graduated with a B.S. from Boston University. 

My inspiration comes from the sea, sky, clouds. and marshes that surround me. I strive to create art that is reflective and calming. I love being out on our boat as the sun fades, the light on the water in ever constant motion. I take countless photos to capture these moments and often use them for references. I love painting impressionable land and seascapes on large canvases.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have creating it.

Instagram: Catherine_Andersen.Art



Cell: 732-239-0124


Featured in House & Garden November 2021

Photo by Ryan Andersen

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